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Detailed art list:
- 150+ bust
- 200+ thigh up
- 300+ full body

- add $100+ for fetished content
- $600+ character sheet
- adding a second character will be discounted

Sketch colored list:
- 70 bust
- 120 thigh up
- 180 full body

Terms of Service

  • Payment via Paypal only.
  • It may take me up to 4 months to finish the commission.
  • You cannot claim my art or designs as your own. Please be sure to credit me when posting it on other sites.
  • You will only receive the digital art file.
  • If you'd like your artwork to be private and not posted, it may cost extra. This does not apply to Commercial Commissions.
  • As an artist, I retain full rights and ownership of the commissioned artwork: posting it to my sites, making speed paints or presenting it in my portfolios/artbooks.
  • If I’m unable to do your commission, I’ll fully refund you. Otherwise, no refunds.
  • If you want to change anything in the finished piece that wasn’t mentioned beforehand, it'll take a fee depending on the changes. Any missing or wrong details from my side will be fixed for free.


I certify I have read, understood and accepted your terms of service and I also verify that the commission I am purchasing is 100% voluntary, I am of legal age and/or have my parent's permission to purchase it. As well as I promise to not request any chargeback once the artwork is finished.


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